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Friday, September 29, 2006

Lo Lashes Out!

On eyelashes and more . . .
Roman told me yesterday "Hola is Spanish for Hello!" Yes, he's probably spending too much time on, but I keep telling myself "It's educational!"

Now for this week's topic: eyelashes! Delaney's are coming in great (see pics) so she can keep up with her brother. She is also very competitive in the cute department (more pics below)! Because what girl in the history of the world wants to be less pretty than her brother?!?!

While we're on the subject of eyelashes, may I say I had the pleasure of participating in an on-line poll about mascara . . . an entire poll about 1 particular brand of mascara. Who knew there were so many qualities to mascara (mostly invented by advertising folk I'm sure): clumpiness, separateness, long-lastingness, and yes, the all important BRUSH! Moreover, can you believe I spent over 5 minutes actually completing said survey? Don't worry, I'm going back to work next week.

And speaking of mascara, I have long felt that just as bare armpits are banned from deodorant ads, false eyelashes should be banned from mascara ads. That's absolutely cheating. What's next, luxurious, flowing wigs in shampoo ads? Thin body doubles in Jenny Craig ads? These marketing people will stop at nothing!!! By the way, I'll be working in marketing when I go back next week . . . I guess we'll see how that plays out . . .

Until next time!