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Friday, April 13, 2007

get your Spring on

Kids, before the 2008 Easter Epidemic hit

Delaney, Lois, Roman: after the chocolate
Easter! Ours somehow included exposure to some nasty viruses . . . Manny, Roman and I spent the first part of the week running for the bathroom, in the bathroom, or trying to optimize our proximity to said bathroom . . . by Wednesday night everyone was somewhere near normal . . . Laney is still in diapers so she doesn't worry about these trivial matters.
We still had a nice day Sunday, as "re-enacted" above, notwithstanding Delaney's blowout besmirching of her Easter dress. She is shown here in her backup Easter dress. Yes, it's true! I was sweating the small stuff! So, one honeybaked ham, a dozen plastic eggs, two chocolate-stained shirts, and three hours later, we made it home for "picture time." May I say that chocolate fountains should not be placed in the wind, without napkins, at child's eye level like the sugared cereals in the grocery store -- but a whole lot messier? Obviously, the kids didn't care and had a nice time.
Delaney update: both top teeth are showing, she started crawling a few weeks ago, and is starting to pull herself up on crib and other handy furniture. Note to self: get those new gates for our wider longer staircases!!
Roman update: he knows what sounds the letters make, seems on the verge of reading, and stays interested in longer and longer bedtime stories. Bedtime itself is another (less happy) story, but we will leave that for the Christmas missive. Rides his bike w/t-wheels at breakneck speed!
I will close with more pictures from recent weeks. Our family is mostly healthy (except for the odd MRSA outbreak) and we are enjoying the beautiful spring in Arizona. Roman's favorite show is How It's Made on Discovery, so he explains and narrates mechanical things he finds anywhere.
Laney is also interested in books: she looks at them, bites them, and listens politely to my read-aloud efforts. After a 10 minute struggle to cut her nails, I would also say she's definitely right-handed. And her eyes are still blue(ish) -- at least for now.