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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whew . . . it's over! Bring on 2008.

We are drowning in toys. And toy packaging. For some reason this seems like the first Christmas where the kids got everything and then some. And I didn't do so bad myself!! But it was a good holiday, in spite of the fact that every one of us had a cold -- Laney topped us all with a triple-double: double ear infection, two trips to the doctor, and two - count them - two different antibiotics. That girl does not mess around!

Anyway, here's a little blast from the 80's past, and a great post Xmas message:

Though I believe, and please by all means comment if I'm wrong, the originals read Frankie SAY Relax. So, fine, they have corrected the grammar. Also, I had the codicil and more subversive social commentary shirt "Frankie Say Arm the Unemployed" -- because that, to a high school kid, is funny. I wore it to a dance where you had to match your date, and there is probably photo evidence somewhere on the property but I don't feel like digging it out. Anyway, hope YOU get to relax in the next few days. Then it's welcome to the new year, so all the best for the last bit of 2007!