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Monday, March 21, 2011

Tucson Highlights

Hello Tucson for a weekend getaway.  It has a lot of stoplights, but the Omni is awesome -- you can relax and think about nothing.  Also if somebody barfs, (because of a bad strawberry smoothie) on the artificial grass, they get out a wet-dry vac and groom that grass!  NICE!

Feet pic: MPG aka Superman, LEG, and the G-girls: SLG, HMG, and AJG.  The G-girls have remarkably adult looking feet though they are all under 13. This happens when your dad is 6-6. You are gonna be tall, and you will have proportionate feet.

Good to know: LEG posts a gratuitous picture now and then.

Lastly, the Ostrich Farm at Picacho Peak: FUN!  Feed ostrich, goats, deer, and rainbow lorakeets!  Little trivia:  1 ostrich egg ($18) = 2 dozen chicken eggs. that a good deal???? Caption: LEG trying not to look strained with wild birds crapping on her favorite Roxy flip flops.  FAIL.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ostrich Festival 3-11-11

Ok, after Gilbert Days I'm getting the hang of the rip-off carnival tickets and rides...also thanks to the pay it forward lady who gave me 7 tickets on her way out!  We found a better deal on the carousel ride than Gilbert Days (see Laney smile, top): for kid alone, 4 tickets. For kid + parent, 5 tickets.

The petting zoo was free (unless you fell for buying the $1, $2, or $3 cup of food) and had the coolest hooved ungulates:  Jacob goats (with 4 horns!), a zebu, a yak, a long-horn steer, and a watusi (see second photo).  Say wah-TOOO-si, it's fun!  Note to petting zoo owners -- they're YOUR animals, YOU buy the food!! There were two particularly aggressive begging goats that were hilarious!

Follow-up edit: I was thinking maybe ungulates are all hooved, so that's redundant, and I checked, and it is redundant. Because ungulate means hooved.'s hard being a word girl.

Lessons learned:
A carnie in a clean shirt is still a carnie.  But fresher!
A 41 inch kid looks like a 42 inch kid in a fuzzy hoodie with the hood up.
"Free" is not free
The ostriches on display at the Ostrich Festival need to be easier to find.
I need a t-shirt:  "I survived the 2011 Ostrich Festival" but didn't see them anywhere!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011 you think there was a lottery for this one?

Back story desperately needed.  Veteran, check. American flag ribbon magnet, check. And, the obvious: wow! How many people who should have this plate do not?!?! Oh wait, I guess if you label yourself that, it kinda defeats the purpose. You need to be identified by a third party.

 In closing, I quote the movie Birdcage:  "Shouldn't you be holding the crucifix? It's THE prop for martyrs."