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Friday, August 29, 2008

LoSpace Congratulates Fellow Vandal Alum

... Sarah Heath Palin for her meteoric rise from the University of Idaho Class of 1987 (just two years ahead of Lo's own 1989 Centennial graduating class) to the hallowed aisles of John McCain's Straight Talk Express campaign tour bus.

All I can say is that I thought McCain might do something mavericky (you read that here first though I won't be surprised if Stephen Colbert thinks up the same word) in his veep choice but this really comes out of left field -- or the left side of your United States map.

I don't recall meeting Sarah during the school years we shared in Moscow, Idaho, perhaps because she was studying rather than visiting the Garden or Mikey's Gyros, but in closing may I say "GO VANDALS!" with a straight-arm fist pump . . .

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey SUV Drivers!

Check it out . . . oh, what? Yes, I'm sorry, this photo is a little blurry, but look closely at that number on the right . . . it's my 4dr Civic hybrid averaging 56.9 mpg (personal best). So when you blow by me on the freeway in your 15 mpg highway Suburban please wave because I won't be seeing you in line at the gas station. Nyaah nyaah.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Move Over DIY, It's RYW

Two weeks ago I assigned myself a project: repainting a 2nd hand CL (craigslist) dresser for Laney. This is what I call a "Ruin Your Weekend" project because what with trips to the store, the prep, and the actual work, your weekend is pretty much ruined. But back to the dresser: the person selling it described it as "shabby chic," which was what the prior painter had attempted to achieve; however the outcome would be better represented as "just shabby" mainly because the paint looked like they had stalled at the primer stage. Then it had numerous distressed areas, some clearly planned, others more haphazard, the latter of which, on closer inspection were probably the work of a family pet or large rodent. ANYway . . . the CL set included 2 dressers, and the second serves as the "before" picture since I don't think I have a copy of the original anymore . . . and in my RYW efforts, I decided to go ahead and do something pretty creative, which was to coat it with sufficient quantities of paint to achieve complete coverage (shut up Myra, I know what you're thinking...).


The schedule for ruining my weekend was as follows:

Saturday am Go to Home Despot (you can do it; we will MAKE you) and buy paint, sandpaper, brushes, etc etc. Discuss at length the paint shade and type with HD paint guy. Wait for paint mixing and browse the doorbells (hey, they're right around the corner). Buy materials. Proceed to Manny's parents to borrow sander(s), tools, gloves, steel wool, more sandpaper, and commiserate about how much this project is going to ruin my weekend. Return home and start sanding. Send husband back to HD for spackle to fill most obvious rodent/dog distress marks. Quit sanding at 1130 because garage temperature is approaching 98 degrees. Wipe dresser with steel wool in final feeble attempt to do something as cool as Andrew Dan-Jumbo of HG TV. Complete prep work and collapse, dehydrated in the house, complaining to family of possible heat exhaustion. Render self useless for remainder of day.

Sunday am Arise by 700 with every intention of starting work ASAP. Make coffee and peruse the Sunday paper. Hit the garage promptly at 830 to continue sweatbox torture conditioning. Wipe, steel wool, and blow dust off paintable surfaces. Paint first coat; ask passing neighbor for advice, agree on need to change brush size and direction. Hope this end of dresser will be facing away from high traffic areas. Paint three coats with 1 hour drying intervals and call the job good when garage reaches sauna conditions for second straight day. Fantasize about finding cute girly coordinate drawer knobs for less than $4 each, which has thus far proven impossible. Retreat to air conditioned house and chug gallons of water while texting friends and family of triumphant project completion. Return to garage after dark to reinforce and WD40 sliding drawer hardware.


Monday am Move repainted dresser into Laney's room and resolve to re-post companion dresser on CL rather than attempt repainting it as well. Rationalize that one 24 lb kid does NOT need two dressers and a full-sized closet with shelves! See "after" picture above -- cute affordable drawer knobs still pending (call me a cheapskate but for some reason I cannot spend $50 on cute knobs for a $75 dresser, I just cannot!). I am thrilled to observe that Laney's store-brand pull-ups actually coordinate with the room decor. Life is GOOD! Plan next RYW project: repainting Roman's bedroom over Labor Day Weekend. Crap - viewing this picture just reminded me I wanted to change out those shlumpy bun feet.

Postscript: that "before" picture is actually very flattering: the thing looks much worse in real life. Hmmmm maybe that's the photo I will be posting on CL to get that shabby chic piece out of my garage!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

LulaBelle Turns Two -- and Says It!

How do you know it's the second kid's second birthday?

Small manageable family party. Minimalist gifts. Cake, not ordered ahead . . . so the plan is next year Roman gets the low-end party!!! While Mom (the irresponsible one) considered getting an ages 3 and up Dora block set with choke hazard-y little pieces, Dad (the consumer safety conscious one) campaigned for a baby dolly. So, Laney has the new "Dolly Lama" baby with two sets of jammies. Sadly, in the first 72 hours, we have already laundered doll jammies three times. Hmmm...kinda like a real baby (and no, we're not having any more). Laney can say "I TWO!!" and hold up one finger. Classic.

Two great birthday girl pics (the first taken by Roman!):

Just for grins I had to add this picture of Roman at 18 months . . . do these kids look alike?!?