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Sunday, December 28, 2008

NOW who believes in angels?!?!

Any questions? Nah, me neither . . .

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Xmas Unwrapping Wrap-Up

Ok, is anyone else SICK of packaging?!?! The twistie ties that require wire cutters to exricate the toy while your kid grapples and paws to get it out of the box? The millions of tiny transparent rubber bands that keep miniscule pieces in place? The boxes taped shut in completely incomprehensible places? The hard plastic bubble packs that nearly require a blow torch to cut through? Hmmmm . . . do you think the Made in China people are more amused or amazed by the crap they use to fasten the toys to their boxes?!?! In response, let me now hail the Christmas morning miracle tool, the Leatherman Micra:
Accept no substitutes! It wire cuts, it chops, it can opens, it screw drives standard AND Philips head (great for battery installation!). Thankfully this was handy in my purse for quick Christmas application. Next year, make these your stocking stuffers! Hmm - will have to think about that for the 3 year old . . . but, she is pretty dexterous . . .

And gratuitously, here are my kids opening gifts. Roman loves his bubble gum machine. Laney loves everything!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Monday, December 15, 2008

World's Cutest Mom!

Roman and I went to Idaho for a little visit 2 weeks ago. Here' s me and my mom Sunday 12-7-08 at my sister's house! Though she might modestly deny it, she is the cutest and smartest mom in the WHOLE WORLD! Hey, I love it when my kid tells me that too!

Okay, here's my cute middle sister and niece and nephew too:

Then somehow, middle sister (far left) looked the cutest in this picture. Tho oldest sister (center) looks cuter than me too (the best one of ME middle had her eyes shut). That's me -- such a giver, putting the worst pic of myself on the LoSpace. Anyway, do we 3 look alike or what?!?!

Inside to Robyn "I'm still STUMPY!!!!"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soccer: It's Really Hard

Roman's game face:

"Come on mom, I just want to sit on the team blanket and drink some water" face:
"This is my first trophy..." face:
Soccer is over. Roman's team won their final game yesterday, a shutout. Bella is still the leading scorer. Roman blocked a couple of kicks as goalie and told me on the way home that he is ready to sell his jersey to some other kid. I guess we'll have to find one named "Valenzuela" . . .