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Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow, now Julia Roberts is a face of Lancome!! This will date me, but I loved when they had Isabella Rossellini.  Personally, also not liking this look for Julia -- she looks pale and horsey in this shot. Julia! Girl!  Eat, pray, or love your way to better makeup if you keep this contract!

Also, someone quoted her as saying she doesn't do Botox because she wants her kids to know when she's mad. to Botox, yes YES YES to Photoshop.  Gotcha.

Finally, Lo wants to try this mascara badly!!! Anyone used this?  Comments?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Superman!

MPG, you amaze me. I wish I had pictures of the next great years. Here's to 46!

Photo credit: WMU the 80's!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Can They Say This Online?!?!

Idaho Vandals Ladies White Boy Beater Tank Top

In Stock
Price: $13.95

I cut/pasted that description.  Really?!?!? Is that what these shirts are called now?  Weird, because the black tank is called:

adidas Idaho Vandals Ladies Black Pure Shooter Tank Top

But it's a few bucks more... wait, hmm..."pure shooter" -- is that name any better?!?! I think I like the shirt better nonetheless...and hey, thanks facebook for the shopportunity! I don't care how much BSU wins football games, UI is always #1 to me -- that's what an undergraduate alma mater stands for!

In closing may I say "GO VANDALS!"  (fist pump!)

Happy 4th Laney Ry!

Magical Build-A-Bear birthday party: check!
Starring a host of gorgeous girlies: check!
Tie-dye cake that matches my dress: check!

What a birthday!
(belatedly blogged by beleaguered mom)