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Saturday, September 08, 2007

September Already

As promised in my last post, here's a household cleaning secret PLUS the eagerly awaited All Hail the Swiffer write-up! The secret of the week, no, may I say the YEAR is . . . Fabuloso. This very affordable, effective, concentrated, deodorizing miracle alternative to 409 is nothing short of its name. Plus it's fun to say -- c'mon, try it! I think it's about $1.78 for a half-gallon at Target, and the smell alone makes your whole room feel cleaner. It's . . . fabuloso (and arranca la grasa). We like the Ocean Cool "flavor" but certainly, try the Lavender if you're adventurous!

And may I, once again, bow down to the marketing gurus at Swiffer, because those commercials WORK! Maybe it's subliminal visuals, maybe it's backmasking, but hats off to any company that can motivate a 4-year-old boy to actually dust! And think it's fun. Check it out . . . (and observe the TV in its rarely-used OFF position).