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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ok, so this huge church behind our neighborhood had a grand opening yesterday. Advertised for weeks in advance as -- softpedaling the church part and upselling the EVENT. Food, monster trucks, rock climbing, pedicures, Starbucks -- definitely all things to all people. We're still not sure how the God part fits in but I did read in the paper that the Sunday service will be a live tv feed of their pastor speaking from the North Mesa location. Now I don't know about you, but this seems oddly inefficient. Why should the congregators get dressed and go to church to watch someone on tv? Why don't they just webcast it and everyone can stay at home -- the technology is there to collect the offering via PayPal -- they could even make a little collection plate window that pops up at opportune times! They should hit up the parishioners for whatever they save in gas money! Anyway . . . traffic problems notwithstanding, we did enjoy the big finale from our 'hood -- a 30 minute fireworks show -- and the friends who were over for dinner all agreed that we'd be willing to kick in about $20 for that. We're just hoping they do another blowout for July 4th so we can sit in our driveway and watch and ooh-aah from home! Unless they decide to broadcast it from their other site . . . on tv.