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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rear View Wonder

Ok, we've all seen the ones with like 12, maybe 14 kids (certainly not on a compact pickup), and the one with two moms, and the collection of flipflops . . . but this one takes the prize.

Due to questionable photo quality (I didn't want to chase this woman to a parking lot . . .), I will provide an inventory:
Parents = 2
Kids = 4
Dogs, Medium Type = 6
Dogs, Small Type = 4
Cats, General = 7
Horse, White = 1
The coup de grace sticker is right above the license plate: "Does Not Play Well With Others" to which I must say, "Lady, you are selling yourself short. With the household you've depicted, you must play well with others -- many, many others!" Isn't Gilbert Arizona just the BEST?!?!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who Needs This Sign?!?!

I am actually offended that Costco now has to instruct people buying gas in this visual manner NOT to put the nozzle in upside down. WHO DOES THAT?!!? These people should not be allowed to operate a vehicle or buy gas!!! And if they are allowed to purchase gas, they should be charged a stupidity tax. To offset higher gas prices for the rest of us. Hmmm . . . studpidity tax ... now here's an idea that could work in many many aspects of the economy. What do you think?