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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodbye to the Silliest Pedi

When asked "you want flower?" I always say no to flowers, plaid, rhinestones, tiny US flags, and all the other embellishments. This is what happened the 2nd time I said yes (first time is in another blog...Valentines time 2008, I believe). It took about 15 minutes and 10 bucks extra, but it turned out so cute! Not only that, it was my longest lasting pedi EVER and eked out 30 days, still looking decent. I didn't say "great" but let's be reasonable. Also, my neighbor's 6 year old loved it so much, she got the same thing. So, what does that say about coolness?!? Yes, I know. Now I'm just plain purple "Louvre Me Louvre Me Not" for awhile. And that's cool too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Label-less In Oklahoma

My new dishwasher has a flipout attachment on the top rack with these little undulating pieces. Fortunately, there is a silhouette icon of what you are supposed to use them for: securing a stemmed glass! Awhile ago I was talking to Lori Max in Oklahoma 73130 and her dishwasher has the same attachment, but no icon. So for two years she didn't know what they were designed for! I helpfully sent this picture to illustrate my icon and proper usage. Consider this a little LoSpace PSA for anyone else whose dishwasher is missing this vital clue!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

That's An Idea: A BAD One

Another favor brought to us by AsSeenOnTV (perpetrator of BumpIts without red). Zoom across any carpeted room! Slide! Grind! What red-blooded skate-punk kid with a flight of stairs isn't going to try these out on the incline? Even at my advanced age, I don't think I could resist the siren call of that velocity. Not a helmet or a parent in sight. How about every aquarium and antique in the line of fire?!?! Maybe this is just my MBA talkin here, but isn't there some liability for the manufacturer? The vendor? Oh my...I am inexplicably tempted, and repelled. Injury report to follow.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

That Annoying Package of Yarn...

For years when I buy a sweater, they've included a little baggie with yarn that matches the sweater. And I save these. Why? Are they like paint swatches to keep in my purse, when shopping for matching and coordinate garments? Are they for mending the sweater if it snags or tears? Right, because so many of us know how to knit these days...I can just see me busting out some tiny little knitting needles to darn my snagged sweater. Maybe what I should be asking is why do I still have six or eight in my closet?

Friday, January 22, 2010

"This is my Very Happy Face" - Romes

And "we can hardly see out of our eyes..."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Plucked From Obscurity

Lucky me...I have been "selected" to the lofty position of DSW Advisor. Interesting, since I've been a huge fan of Designer Shoe Warehouse since they came to Tempe. And held an opening celebration with vino, hors d'oeuvres, and a string quartet. Can you shop for discount shoes under these conditions?!?! Ummm YESS! DSW has always had the perfect shoe for whatever occasion when I needed it. Now, I can tell them what I think about everything shoe-like (whether they like it or not). The online "application" asked me to enumerate my shoes by style. I had to guess at styles and quantities; I wasn't at home. I arrived at about 48 pairs, and I thought this was conservative, but surprisingly accurate. Ever since high school, I'm a shoe junkie. Most ridiculous shoes I've ever owned: pink Impo snakeskin open-toed heels. What's your most ridiculous shoes ever?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shameless Unsolicited Product Endorsement

I always use Lancome mascara; other brands make my eyes water and itch. Yes it's expensive but I don't splurge on many things and mascara is one of them. For the record, L'Oreal owns Lancome and there is a difference. The cheap side of me rationalized that the formulas would be the same so I tried L'Oreal mascara a few years ago. Fail! It flaked and my eyes itched. Anyway, Lancome has a bunch of different formulas, which all seemed the same until I tried the Virtuose Black Carat last year. Wow! It is an awesome formula for longer thicker lashes! Nice curved brush too. I was running low by the beginning of January and ordered more on (free shipping, supposed to arrive today). Not a moment too soon because my tube is DONE!
Downside of free shipping: it takes over a week to get the product. I could have mailed this tube cross country twice in the time UPS Ground is taking. It's like they strapped my bubble pack mailer to the back of a turtle who happened to be leaving New Jersey on the 12th. So -- hope that delivery happens on time -- then my lashes are back in business.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Clearly, Discrimination Against Redheads!

So wrong on so many levels! Bumpits do not come in RED!! Their website says "Available in 4 shades for a perfect color match." They LIE!!! Without red, there is no perfect color match!

The website order form says:
Which Bumpit color would you like?
Light Blonde
Medium Blonde

Where is the RED?!?! AsSeenOnTV, I don't even know you anymore...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Which one is REALLY asleep?!?!

There are never enough cute kid sleeping pics in my possession. But only one of these is really asleep! One is pretending to sleep, just to humor mom for the picture. Which one is it?!?!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reverse Warrior

Tomorrow morning I am subbing for 2 classes at the gym: Athletic Yoga and Fluid Strength, which uses yoga poses combined with rhythmic movement and strength moves. This is going to be a huge challenge because (a) I'm a Pilates girl and (b) I prefer to demo everything along with the class as I teach, which means I'll be getting a little tired about 15 minutes into the second class. BUT I will be wearing my coolio new promo yoga tank top! It's incongruently army green and says namaste on the back - perfect for a reverse warrior!

After the second class I will probably make up for burning all the calories with an ill-advised and highly caloric lunch!

No, that's not me, it's a model with an awesome backbend in reverse warrior -- great inspiration. Wonder what she had for lunch after the photo shoot...