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Saturday, May 21, 2011

M's D and MPG

Is it just me, or is there a similarity?  Sure, I always get compared to Molly Shannon. More recently I got a "You look like Kate Walsh" which was awesome -- she's on Grey's Anatomy right now. But Michelangelo's David...who gets that?!?!  I'm really glad MPG doesn't have David's hair...that would just be weird and,um, not very contemporary.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

...and THAT makes it all worthwhile...

A perfect finish to the refrigerator!
(not just this, but many many other things make it all worthwhile...)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bad Mommy!

Just count the total pairs of shoes Mom left on the floor!  Bad, bad mom...
PS One more that isn't even in the picture...
PPS the answer is...7 total...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Princess Party? I Couldn't, I'm Stuffed!!!

Which of these stores is not like the other???  On the right: Paisley's Princess Palace: Hair - Nails - Makeup - Parties Just for Girls.  I just wonder how a little girl's birthday goes next to...a store called Taxidermy (phone number).  Really??? People who stuff dead animals in lifelike poses...Is that the most creative name they can imagine? These are people who pose the bear!!!  Remember?
So, gentlemen, may I suggest a great name like "Taxidermagic"??? Come on. The cost to repaint that sign would be negligible next to the image enhancement.  Ahhhh yeah.

Finally, just take a moment to appreciate the front vanity plate on the truck out front.  Like AJ meets savasana.  Really, all of this defies interpretation. So I will let it be.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

ASU Surplus Store - Very Nice

ASU Surplus is just east of the 101 on Rio Salado Drive and it's basically an ongoing garage sale of random stuff. They also post on craigslist from time to time, which is how I got Roman's very solid wood desk and bunk beds for about $100. From Irish Hall no less (Honors Dorm, so maybe some smart college mojo will rub off on him?!?!). And a low 3 drawer dresser unit which has another hilarious story that I will save for another time. There is usually a random assortment of bikes and desks and filing cabinets.  Good to peek in there every so often and see what's for sale, because, why not???

Last time I spotted the most random item -- and the price tag was striking. It made me think of my Dad, whose name is also Jim.  The questions must be asked:  what makes an old oil can "very nice"? Its two (rusty) screw caps? Its wooden handle? Why should I pay 20 bucks for it, and cash only???  I think Jim G would like to meet Jim B for a beer.