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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lay Loo Walks!

And we thought Roman was advanced!!! Laney is walking, I repeat, Laney is walking! She made it about five feet without support from Mom to Dad this evening, June 24 (also her Grammie Barb's birthday). In addition, she brought us a Trader Joe's ad on request. So, life will never be the same (like it was anyway). Next we'll work on "Laney, bring Daddy the remote . . ."And Mom was wrong -- thinking she would be later to walk than Roman -- they both made it under the 11 m0nth wire! Also, her nom du jour is "Lay Loo" which is short for Laney Loo, which her Daddy starting calling her and, well, it just stuck.

As for Roman, here's the promised update. Right now he's emulating the "Ice Road Truckers" show from History Channel and discussing life in Yellowknife. That's somewhere in the Canadian frozen tundra, eh? The following photo series depicts recent "Turtle Boogie" dance moments inspired by Teenage Mutants:

Sorry, I still need to learn the Flash animation slide show trick. "I'm workin' on it . . ." (in resentful tone).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Welcome to the Big 4-Ho!

Thanks to an awesome group of friends, I had a great weekend! The Valley Ho (new tagline: "Hip Again") was a ton of fun, and the quote of Friday night is still ringing in my ears "I love my birthday at Devil's Martini!!" There are not enough exclamation points to communicate how much fun we had, so I will be working on inventing a new exclamation point superscript which takes the punctuation to the third or fourth power. Ha ha.

Thanks to star former roomie Akasha for the comforting new alternative to "you're not old" -- she said "you're just 40 -- you're not in your 40's 'til next year." Hee hee! No compromising photos were taken so none shall be included herein. Just this one of us ladies!! Kelly is the photographer so she is the only one missing!! Don't be jealous of my "40" tiara!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Birthday Countdown

Ha ha, someone at work yesterday pointed out it's the last Monday of my 30's (insert audio clip of sad "wanh wanh wanh" music here). I'm sure I can make it fun because that's how I roll!

In other news, has anyone tried the new Diet Coke . . . with vitamins? Here's an idea: how 'bout if we just . . . take a vitamin! Which, uh, I just realized that I forgot this morning. Oh well, I got a whole bottle waiting at home. Am I the only one here who smells irony?
Ok, back to the last Tuesday of my 30's.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Good Juju for June

All right, the kids are still doing well, though we are currently enjoying the dubious household trifecta of both of them AND Manny taking antibiotics. The house will be devoid of flora good and bad. Also, we are out of 409.

Here's a quick view of Laney -- 10 months old and helping around the house. Somehow, she has already recognized my slavish devotion to a clean kitchen floor and will start accruing brownie points for pitching in -- redeemable later for ridiculously priced clothing and gadgetry.

Manny and I just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary (which, he noted in the card, is 5 1/2 years longer than anyone thought we'd last - ha!) We celebrated at home with a sumptuous repast of deli meats, yummy bread, gourmet cheeses and two kinds of olives. No one can say we don't know how to live it up!

For all those who think I look young, zoom an extreme closeup for the crow's feet -- because I turn 40 in less than two weeks!! I told my mom that when my kids turn 40, I'll be getting close to 80! She said not to worry, 80 is the new 40. Especially compared to the cavemen, right? I think their lifespans were somewhere up in the high 30's. But enough about them! We are planning some fun with friends and evening(s) out as Manny turns 42 two days later (on Father's Day -- can you say "COMBO GIFT"?!). So June 16th is our average birthday! Also, our average age is 41. But enough about math!

We are enjoying the yard and highs in the low 100's -- here's Manny, Roman, and our friend Jim's kids chowing some watermelon last night -- so idyllic! Oh, and Roman is still Roman -- don't worry; I'll give him some airtime in the next post.

Enjoy your early summer days and whatever happens to be your watermelon.