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Sunday, May 31, 2009

WAHM (Work At Home Mom) - WAJ (what a joke)

This photo with the Good Work-At-Home job "story" on yahoo! should totally be illegal. That kid on the right is happily engaged in some activity that allows her mom to work on a computer and possibly, actually take professional business phone calls without crying, fighting, and kid noise in the background. Moms out there, let me hear you say, "What a joke!" It's particularly ironic to see "mom" smiling with her fingers in the proper ASDF HJKL position we were supposed to have learned in typing class. WHATEV! Also, the kid is neatly dressed, not smeared in breakfast foods, and her hair is done . . .

If your house or children are anything like mine, you would KNOW this is impossible without the intervention of prescription medication(s). At my house, if I donned my headset, this is just a sampling of what would ensue:

Son: MOM, can I get on legodotcom? (he actually says "dot")
Daughter: Can I watch Dora, just a tiny bit? (she holds her fingers up by her cheek to show how tiny a bit she is requesting, then starts trying to shove me off my computer chair)
Mom: Kids, I'm trying to work, can you two play Candyland? (yeah, right...)
Son: No we want to play Sorry.
Mom: Great let me get it down from the highest shelf of my closet where I hid it because you were fighting over it last time.
Daughter: Hoooray!
Once the game is out, the kids immediately start squabbling over how to play, who gets what color, the deck, who lost the 4th red piece. The usual.
Mom (under breath): Who's sorry now?!?!?
Mom breaks out the ibuprofen (ok, so OTC medications are a good start...).

Meanwhile, Mom has missed like 4 calls from the call center and lost her perfect ASDF HJKL hand position on the keyboard. You get the picture. Someone should outlaw the yahoo! picture...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Self Service!!

From downstairs . . . "Mom! Laney's in the pantry! She's in the food!" What's the big deal, I'm thinking. Go downstairs and investigate, she's gotten her own spoon -- literally, the drawer is still open. She's pushed a chair over there, and is still enjoying some tasty peanut butter and raisins. All right! Almost 3 and making her own meals! Not only that, but only one spoon dirtied! Yes!! My work here is done . . .