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Friday, November 24, 2006

Bad Spam

It's that time again!
I got this email recently with the following "subject, " and I quote:
"Tiered of being passed over for that job promotion because you don't have the proper DEGREE?" Huh. After all my degrees and everything. Then I thought, "No! I'm TIERED of getting solicitation emails that aren't even spelled correctly!" Someone should give me a "job promotion" to Lead Spam Checker. I could ensure these emails are spelled correctly, grammatically appropriate, and have subject-verb parallelism. Whatever. Now I'm boring even myself.

What's happening at Rock Street? Well, I am eyeing the prefab prelighted Xmas tree nervously. It seems like it gets heavier every year, and who knows what kinds of vermin and arachnids took up residence whilst it was stored in the garage over the past 11 months. On the upside, I love its prefabbiness! We don't have to get rid of a giant brown shedding inside-out pincushion every January! It is blanketed in cheerful and tasteful white lights, which have mostly worked for the past 3 holidays. So wish me luck deploying this 200 pound piece of American abundance, again. Hopefully this year we'll also be able to disassemble it, not like in 2003 when sections 2 and 3 became inextricably locked together . . .

Here's a preview of our Xmas family pictures. Roman is 3.5, which means he doesn't like to pose for family portraits. We have to take what we can get.

I seem to remember my parents having about 3 years worth of pictures where I was grimacing like a Where the Wild Things Are outtake, so I guess it's the old cosmic reconciliation I keep hearing about . . .

Also, stay tuned for the second annual Griffenzuela Xmas pdf! Once again we will try to conserve paper and postage with an e-greeting. And again, anyone who wants a traditional printed copy please email me and I will send you one!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving Day to all, and to all a good night. You know you'll need some rest to get through the next month!!!