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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Advance Planning Halloween 2010

Halloween 2009, not bad for home-made.

Halloween 2010 -- If I start NOW can I put this together? And where would I wear it... not outside, obviously...She looks like a cross between a Chihuly chandelier and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
And yes I KNOW her legs are as long as my whole body...
I'm just looking for help from the crafty people out there. Heh.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

If only I'd found this sooner . . .

I got a sample of this at Sephora and it is awesome!

Smells good, feels good on your skin...and the name: unconditional love. Perfect! I wish I'd known years ago you could just go ahead and buy that!

Wow, thanks philosophy!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to Evaluate the Products

Six -- SIX lip products in the zipper pocket of my not-very-roomy purse. Is there a support group for this?! PS may I add that the NARS lip pencil is creamy smooth and perfect. Sadly, the color Tortola (far R) is discontinued.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

YES! I am NOT alone . . .

Now there's a product that echoes my many happy nights at Chevy's in Mesa: Queso Cheese Dip. Except I called it Cheese Queso. Anyway, from the Fearless Flyer: "Queso Cheese – redundant? No. Emphatic! This is a seriously cheesy dip. Made for us by one the most awarded and highly regarded chefs in the country (wouldn’t you like to know?), Trader Joe’s Queso Cheese Dip boast rich cheesy flavor accented by a garlic chipotle salsa. Dynamically delicious, it’s perfect for dipping bread, making nachos, topping burritos – or pretty much anywhere a queso kick is called for. Could cheesy goodness get more appealing? Why, yes. Each 11.5 oz. jar is $2.49."
If only Aaron or Steve could stop by and make me a top shelf in a frosty mug...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Schnepf Farms for the First Time

I don't think I actively avoided this place, but I also never made it a point to go. It was fun and local and memorable. I am SOOOOO glad I went with Lane's preschool field trip because, even with a ratio of 20 parents to 30 kids and Miss Stacey's awesome organizational skills, I just think it was a big big place for a 30 pound 3 year old. Here's us on the Bee Ride, powered by the sun (I think).

Not even remotely appealing...

Hello, fashion people, are you comatose?!?! The 70's cowl neck meets a blazer from my junior high closet, Farah's hair, and boyfriend jeans circa late 80's. Add in the season's hottest high heeled booties and you have, uh, a mess?!? No, let's say disaster.

When an outfit looks this bad on the model, how is LOFT going to stay in business?!?!

4 Star Day!

Gemini: Your successful presence, winning personality and positive attitude might annoy some people. Keep up the good vibes and you'll be noticed and promoted.

Wow -- and they say these things are too general . . .