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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Growing Up G!

I have a lot for which to thank my parents:
1) work ethic (we had to do a ton of chores, but looking back, they were reasonable. We stacked wood, we bucked hay, and we did the dishes).
2) straight teeth -- I spent a few years in braces and thank the universe for that!
3) college expectations -- in our family, you went to the University of Idaho and you liked it. And I loved it!

I talked to an old friend tonight who saw the ups and downs of my early years. I have to say, it made me the strong (and zany) person I am today.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Birthday to Romes!

Or, more accurately, Roman, his given name. He is amazing and my treasure.  They don't make them better than this!  Love my son!

Photo credit: LAST YEAR 7-2-2010.

One for my 22 Girls!

On our flight to BOI today, the only three seats together were Row 22...(the last row) but due to the great karma of this number, of course, we had a great time!