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Friday, December 29, 2006

Rock Street Xmas #3

Our third holiday in this house -- and more fun with Roman, who really got into the Santa concept for the first time this year. Of course we don't have a chimney and he did ask why Santa doesn't just use the door. Hee hee.
Here are a few Christmas Eve pictures to make your day merry and bright. And no, the fake tree hasn't been disassembled and stored yet!

(above) Roman, "asleep" and ready for Santa . . .
(below) Laney and our infamous tree, Roman in his reindeer headgear

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Baby Book DOUBLE!

Oops I forgot one special note in this morning's blog. I took Laney to Idaho on 11/30 and stayed with my family for the weekend. A little snowstorm came through that day, so she took her first plane trip AND saw her first snow on the same day -- baby book DOUBLE!! See photoevidence below . . . then read on.

a new acronym: NAGUOT!!

Holidays! Holidaze!
We are all there. You're so busy, you don't even have time to read this. So I'll make it fast and funny. Here are some of my holiday time-savers. Use them all year round!
Well, one that's holiday specific is to get all shopping done as early as possible in December (or after Thanksgiving) so you have the rest of the month to party! Yeah, right -- it actually gives you the rest of the month to catch up on buying the stuff you forgot when doing all shopping "as early as possible." Here is a list of happy little time savers, or tasks I have deemed NAGUOT (which means Not A Good Use of Time, not to be confused with nougat, the mystery fluff in candy bars).
Folding washcloths and baby pajamas (cram them in a drawer for dang's sake, they're just going to get wet eventually)
Mailing gifts at the post office (anybody on my list who needs a gift mailed is going to get something sent from a website, and believe me, there are some good websites sending stuff these days!)
Writing a return address (I loved those free labels we got for awhile but the charities are on to me and quit sending them when I didn't donate)
Watching commercials (unfortunately we had to invest in a digital recorder to avoid this one but it is easy to set and play back)
Reading junk mail (I put it in the recycling on the way back into the house)
I'm sure there are many more great ideas I've had, but was just too busy to make a note of them.

In other great news, I downloaded the last 5 months of digital photos from the camera to my computer. There are about 100 pictures of Delaney in varying degrees of cuteness, but the real keepers were taken by our patient and talented friend Marcy Modrick (she also digitally edits and sends them back to you the same day -- now that's a good friend). Just one sample below -- see what I mean?

One hilarious shot from our camera (I call it Still Life, Roman with Tomatoes):

In kid news, Roman is doing very well being house trained and Laney is starting to eat rice cereal at "dinner" time (I think it is more accurately described as gruel but that just doesn't sound as appetizing . . . ).

So one week to go til Christmas Eve and we still have those last minute gifts and errands to finish. I have come to the realization that no, it will never end. Good luck with your own last minutes and happy holidays anyway.