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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Delaney Sitting Pretty

Check it out . . . our nearly 6 month old baby is sitting on her own, for several minutes at a time. She doesn't yet arrive at sitting position on her own, but that's coming. She also eats from a spoon, but I don't think we have yet found a food she really loves. And sweet potatoes don't love her! We had a couple of bad days after that trial. It was more of an error, really.

She and Roman are getting along quite well, though he is still resisting most photographic efforts. Here's one where he's being marginally cooperative. Roman is a walking case study for renaming the terrible twos to the tiresome threes, but the alliteration just isn't quite the same. I'll keep my ears open for a better suggestion . . . like "the throes of three." You get the idea.