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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thanks Chuck Taylor - Still Cool After All These Years!

Converse One Star, All Star...Superstar!!!
We are officially retiring the 1st pair (3 strap velcro, we appreciate your years of service,'s over! moving on to laces and it's high time).  And for the girlies, here's how you look cool in pink high tops:
In closing, let me just add a big huge thank you to Tony Hawk for making my life easy in the morning. Throw any one of those shirts and some jeans on Roman with a pair of tennies and he's good to go for school!  YES! Chuck and Tony, you rule!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Laura is Jane!

I dedicate these shoes to Laura on her birthday.  I am more a platform girl but she doesn't need the height...they have style and a little heat (for the biker side).  Plus, jingly!!  Happy birthday, hot chick!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nice Shirt!

So simple! So perfect!  It's kinda zen meets Sesame Street. But works for adults too. And under $5...I'm going to miss Target clothes deals when Laney gets to size 6 and the prices jump up (but I have well over a year to worry about that - she's still a 4).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kid Snax from the Xmas Cookbooks

This is how they look in the book ("enlarged to show detail" of course!!!):
This is how ours look:
Martha Stewart isn't scared but not bad for the 4, 7, and 43 year old with a fear of kitchen messes! Lots of fun either way ...
PS How can Cool Whip come in "regular" and "extra creamy" -- really, don't we all want extra creamy???

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Like A G6, Like A G6

Ok, is this oddly reminiscent of an airplane restroom or what???

Whew, ok, now I can pee in peace...
Taking it to the next level, there's also a light on the outside "Restroom is occupied when light is on" but when it takes 3 signs and 2 wall buttons to open, lock, and close a bathroom door, we have issues.  This was sooooooo designed by an underutilized engineer.

PS prize to the first reader who can tell me where this restroom is...

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Shine! Shimmer! Glimmer! (but not in that order)

The flairies are characters from Laney's favorite Barbie movie.  They're NOT fairies; fairies have wings. These are wingless.  Glimmer is on the left -- she's my favorite.  Love her pigtails. Shimmer is the purple one. Shine has the best shoes.  I didn't notice their shoes 'til they came out of the package on Christmas morning. From the standpoint of physics and function, they are impossible! They could not be walked in by a normal human, which is fine, because in the movie, the flairies fly (despite their winglessness).  Anyway, the shoes.  From a purely design standpoint:  AWESOME! And that's what makes Barbie world so perfect and magical.