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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Growing Up G!

I have a lot for which to thank my parents:
1) work ethic (we had to do a ton of chores, but looking back, they were reasonable. We stacked wood, we bucked hay, and we did the dishes).
2) straight teeth -- I spent a few years in braces and thank the universe for that!
3) college expectations -- in our family, you went to the University of Idaho and you liked it. And I loved it!

I talked to an old friend tonight who saw the ups and downs of my early years. I have to say, it made me the strong (and zany) person I am today.


Queen B said...

I had a similar upbringing, it sounds like :)

Of course, substitute Univ of Idaho with Texas A&M!

Jane said...

I love a good acronym.

Lois is GUG

Diane said...

Great pic of the truck, it looks like Mater.